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Headshot Station

This is your destination for professional headshots, team photoshoots, and all around stunning portraits of incredible people captured by Seattle headshot photographer, James Murphy!

Individual Headshots
JD Gershbein-104-Edit Photo by James Murphy for Trainman Photography.jpg

Captivating headshots happen when you are feeling your most comfortable and confident! At Trainman Photography I am committed to making your photoshoot, and the entire headshot process from booking to delivering the retouched images, feel more like hanging out with a new friend than just another work chore. Together we'll capturing epic portraits to show the world how incredible you are!

Individual Headshots
Robel Negussie-12-Edit.jpg

Business Headshots

Elevate your professional image with captivating corporate headshots captured by Seattle portrait photographer, James Murphy! Whether you're looking for one striking headshot or seeking to curate a comprehensive series of branding portraits, James provides a vibrant blend of artistry and expertise to ensure your personality shines in every shot. Invest in your success with headshots that tell your story – because your image matters.

Performer Headshots

Build your brand and book the role with headshots and branding images from Trainman Photography!  Let your talent and charisma shine with performer portraits tailored to showcase Seattle actors, stand-up comics, musicians, and improvisors. Let your image be as unforgettable as your performance, and watch as your career takes center stage.

Do you need headshots for a full cast or improv team? 

Learn more about Team Headshots

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Team Headshots

Whether you have a team of 5 or 500, the Trainman Photography portable studio can be set up in any space to create a series of headshots for your team that show everyone off in their best light while retaining a unified look that elevates your brand!

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