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2020 Roundup: Specialty Projects

A lot changed in 2020, both across the globe and here at Trainman Photography. But with those changes came some fabulous new adventures behind the lens. Check out of a few of the specialty projects and new friends Trainman Photography photographed throughout the year!

Kimberly Callis, Personal Chef extraordinaire

In response to the COVID pandemic, the phenomenal Fuzzy Logic Escape Room transitioned their in-person game play to a virtual platform so puzzle lovers could continue experiencing all of the detail rich physical environments from the comfort of their own home. As part of the virtual experience, players can search the rooms through the use of 360° high resolution panoramic images captured by Trainman Photography. Explore the lobby HERE!

Dr. Jessica Rhodes, DMD, Juniper Dentistry

Moments from the rehearsals process for Theatre Evolve's production of Krugozor! which was postponed due to the pandemoniac.

Chicagoland Real Estate


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