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A New Angle

A New Angle by Ryan Plunkett and Michael Feldman has been released! It seems like just yesterday, and not over a year ago, that the two authors and I locked ourself in the back room of Magic, Inc. for a very long weekend of capturing photos to illustrate the intricacies hidden within each move of the card tricks this book explains in hilarious detail. Check out some behind the scenes photos from the photoshoot HERE.

Order your copy HERE.

Congrats to everyone involved in bringing this beautiful book to life!

A New Angle

Authors: Ryan Plunkett & Michael Feldman

Photographer: James Murphy

Foreword by: Lance Pierce

Edited by: Susan Palmer Marshall & Pedro Nieves Bosque

Trick Editor: Danny Rudnick

Book Design by: Heather Wood

Published by: Magic, Inc.

Publisher: Sandy Marshall

Printed by: Sheridan Books, Inc.

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