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CLLAW XXV - The Summer Showdown

The Chicago League of Lady Arm Wrestlers' Summer Showdown on Saturday, July 30 at the Logan Square Auditorium presented by Sideshow Theatre Company and sponsored by Rebellious Magazine for Women.

Harry Scaray

Vallery Dolls and Macho Ma'am Candy Savage

Ruth Bader Gunsburg, Gordon Limey, Second to Nun, Macho Ma'am Candy Savage

Gorrison Killer and Baberaham Lincoln

Aunt Nance, Gordon Limey, Harry Scaray, Marci Vousplait

Melissa Kempfer of Mister E Machine

Perry Simmons of Mister E Machine

Gorrison Killer

Gorrison Killer and Cursula

Cursula - The CLLAW XXV Champion

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