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Preparing For Your Photoshoot

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Outfit Selection

Definitely be your usual stylish self but keep in mind that the subject of your headshot is YOU and not your outfit. Opt for solid colors that compliment your eye color and skin tone. Avoid clothing with busy patterns, as they tend to be more distracting than flattering in a headshot setting. Above all make sure you love and feel comfortable in what you're wearing. The more comfortable you are in your outfit, the better you’ll feel, and the more confidence you’ll exude on camera!

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Rachel Warnick-123-Edit.jpg

Hair & Make-up

Hair and makeup in a professional headshot should lean toward natural and timeless. Avoid highlighters and products that add shimmer or shine and opt for a matte finish instead. To reduce shine, apply a layer of translucent powder to face and neck. This also has the added benefit of shrinking the appearance of large pores and evening out skin tone. Don't forget to bring your hair and makeup grooming necessities with you to the photoshoot so we can touch up your look as needed. Pro Tip: Unless nose hair is integral your signature style, trim it.

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First and foremost, hydration is power so drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your headshot photoshoot. Devote yourself to your favorite tried and true skin moisturizing regiment, but avoid experimenting with new skincare products before your photoshoot; stick to items you've tested and know will help your skin thrive! On the day of your photoshoot use only moisturizers that are low in oil or leave a matte finish to prevent excess shine. Most importantly, get plenty of sleep to avoid dark circles under your eyes!

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Photoshoots are fun! Take the stress out of the day by spending time in advance of your session to consider the attitude you are hoping to capture in your images. What are the characteristics that you want to show off in your headshot? Choose two or three moods then use a mirror to practice looks and poses that exude those choices! During the photoshoot, get out of your head (easier said than done, I know) and live your best life! Make bold choices, experiment over the top poses, and enjoy being the star of your photoshoot.

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